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Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl roll or Roll rubber tiles  is a rubber tile that is specifically designed and developed. There is a cushioning foam core as the main layer, which provides a soft and comfortable feel, which is ideal for use in barefoot lodges, such as baby crawls. The area used by the elderly regularly, in hospitals or bedrooms, 100% waterproof, termite-proof, easy to clean, no worries about bacteria due to the UV-coated top layer, friendly to the environment and your loved ones. Robust for use and low shrinkage rates


B.P. Floor sells Vinyl Rolls. Ready to receive installation services throughout Bangkok and other provinces by a team of experienced technicians You can call to inquire more about the product. We are happy to give you advice and services.

Vinyl Rolls - Cushion Vinyl 1.8 mm

Vinyl Rolls 1.8 mm / Size: width 1.8 m, Length 35 m / Roll 64.05 m2 / 350 baht - m2

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