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กระเบื้องยาง แบบทากาว

5 outstanding features of vinyl rubber tile:

  1. Cheap price

  2. Waterproof, termite proof

  3. Easy to install

  4. Light weight

Pros - There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Easy to clean, waterproof & termite proof 100%, convenient installation, can be repaired by yourself, durable, more than 5 years of service life.

Attention - Before installing, the floor must be leveled evenly. If installed on uneven floors, the tile will have a clear wave.

Carpet Tiles size 50x50 cm and 25x100 cm. Easy to install, good quality, durable, support weight. Traps dust Prevent static electricity (Anti Static) absorb sound in the room. It can be installed by yourself by applying glue. It is commonly used in office buildings, corridors, offices, airports, hotels. Easy to clean and a very long service life. Average lifespan of 5-15 years depending on usage and maintenance. There are many patterns to choose from.

and Flooring Service
All Over Thailand

Install Vinyl with us today, get a promotion, the price of the installation included !!

[EN] Vinyl Dry Back.jpg


* Installation area less than 50 m2. There is an additional cost. ** The above price does not include the flooring skirt, trim, the removal cost and VAT 7%

B.P. Floor sells vinyl flooring. Ready to receive installation services throughout Bangkok and other provinces by a team of experienced technicians You can call to inquire more about the product. We are happy to give you advice and services


Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back - 2 mm Series

Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back 2 mm. / Size 950 * 184 mm. / Box, 3.5 m2. / 299 baht - m2.

Promotion includes installation just !! 399 baht - m2.


Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back - 3 mm Series 1

Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back 3 mm. / Size 950 * 150 mm. / Box 3.34 sq m / 349 baht - sq m.

Promotion includes installation just !! 479 baht - m2.


Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back - 3 mm Series 2

Vinyl Tiles - Dry Back 3 mm. / Size 950 * 184 mm. / Box 3.32 m2 / 389 baht - m2

Promotion includes installation just !! 519 baht - m2.

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