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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring (Laminate) is the finished flooring that looks like wood, but cheaper and easier to install. Lighter in weight There is a coating on the top and bottom. Can prevent scratches better than wood, smooth surface, heat resistance. You can cover tile floor, real wood floor, parquet floor, laminate sheets, the current most popular thickness is between 8-12 mm. Each thickness is designed for different areas. The thicker the laminate, the better protection against the impact. Applicable to all areas within the building, home ( bedroom, living room, living room ), condos, hotels, shopping malls. Industrial factories, offices, areas with high usage or space with less usage can be used.

Laminate sheets are commonly used thickness from 8 mm to 12 mm.


Different layers of wood grain laminate

1. Surface layer - we use absorb pad imported from European countries. With a durability of 6,000 rpm., Which is a standard used for households.

2. Floor wood grain - clear wood grain Along with UV coating, the color stays in shape for a long time.

3. Wood Floor - The layer of wood that has been designed with neat making it stable and durable.

4. Bottom layer - A layer that is not equally important in preventing moisture for the laminate.

The outstanding characteristics of our laminates

  • It has a look and feel that is very similar to real wood. Withstands loads well Can be laid on top of ceramic tiles

  • There is a protective coating on both the top and bottom. Sturdy wood Good scratch resistance

  • Unique beautiful wood grain And beautiful colors Modernity like no other

Laminate flooring with us today, get a promotion, the price of the installation included !!

[EN] Laminate.jpg

* Installation area less than 50 m2. There is an additional cost. ** The above price does not include the flooring skirt, trim, the removal cost and VAT 7%

B.P. Floor sells laminate flooring. Ready to receive installation services throughout Bangkok and other provinces by a team of experienced technicians You can call to inquire more about the product. We are happy to give you advice and services.


Laminate Flooring - 8.3 mm Series

Laminate flooring 8.3 mm. / Size 1218 * 196 mm. / Per box 1.91 m2 / 370 baht per m2.

Promotion includes installation just !! 419 baht per m2.

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