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Rubber tile, thickness 3 mm, price only 370 baht / sq m., Wood grain vinyl tile, glued version, can be used in all forms, meeting the correct international standard of use. Which is more durable And superior to general rubber tile floors

  • Diamond Guard Coating

    Is coated on top of the surface protection layer Reduces scratches and increases the durability of the floor to be beautiful and can be used longer than usual.

  • NS + Ceramic Technology

    Is mixed into a Wear Layer that increases the durability of the floor than the general rubber tile in the same thickness. So the floor can be used beautifully for longer as well.

  • Light weight, easy to maintain, reduce floor problems better.

  • More user-safe, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

  • Product made in Korea

Size 184 x 950 mm

Packing: 19pcs / box, 3.32sqm / box

* The above prices do not include VAT7%. Minimum distribution box.


฿600.00 Regular Price
฿370.00Sale Price
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