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Carpet Rolls

Carpet rolls or carpets are machine-woven carpets that can be installed with either glued or using thorns and rubber pads for a longer life, or sew a floating edge on the ground. Quick to install, cheap, easy to clean. Comfortable to use, reducing echo, adds luxury and comfort to all your living spaces. Soft, comfortable feet, cushioning, suitable for all areas: hotels, resorts, rooms, conference rooms, offices, houses, bedrooms, living rooms or residences. Can be used in temples or a cubicle as well quality for the price. Our factory is located in Thailand with delivery throughout the country and giving advice by professional experts in carpets.

There are 3 types, 3 styles to choose from.

กระเบื้องยางลายไม้ แบบทากาว

This rubber tile is the most popular type of tile because of its low price and ease of installation. There are a variety of color schemes to choose from according to customer needs. Suitable to be used in office buildings, offices, hotels, shops, shopping malls, condos, houses, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.


Dry back vinyl tiles have a thickness of 2-3 mm. It will be sold in a box, the length is 0.95 meters and the width is approximately 0.18 meters. Installation method will use the glue to install.

กระเบื้องยางลายไม้ แบบSPC

If thinking of value for money, worth the price, time, then probably not past the SPC Click-lock vinyl tile, of course !! With the fact that it is a rubber tile with a texture mixed with stone powder, It makes it very strong with a locking tongue system that keeps the tiles close together as well. Along with the built-in foam board attached to the tile to add softness along with a waterproof, termite-proof coating for another layer. 

Click Lock rubber tiles It has a thickness of 4.2 - 5.5 mm, which is considered the thickest among other types of vinyl wood tiles. This type of rubber tile must be installed using the tile's locking tongue.

กระเบื้องยางลายไม้ แบบม้วน

This type of rubber tile is specially designed on the thickness of the floor, the wooden texture. Suitable for installation in the home with young children or the elderly to prevent accidents from falling, bumps. Because of the thick layer, this type of rubber wood tile is exceptionally soft. But that does not mean that it will not be durable. With innovative production at our make this special roll rubber tile Guaranteed from ISO 9001, coated with UV coating makes the surface of the rubber tile durable. And protect the color of the wood grain for a long time


Vinyl Rolls' thickness is 1.8-4.5 mm. Roll rubber tiles have a width of 1.8 m and 35 m long. Sold in rolls. There are 2 types of installation methods. 1. Use hot welding, bringing the grout through heat to connect the floor joints. Suitable for thick rubber tiles because it will hold the weld well. 2. Use rubber tile adhesive. Suitable for rubber tiles with less thickness.

Each style of installing vinyl tiles.

Each style of installing vinyl tiles.

          However, there are many factors to choose to buy rubber tiles to install the house you love. Thinking carefully about which type of rubber wood tile is the most suitable or you can get an advice from us for free. With willingness from the B.P. Floor team.


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