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Vinyl Tiles - Click Lock (SPC)

SPC rubber tiles or click lock rubber tiles It is a tile developed from self-adhesive vinyl tile that will make the tile more durable because it is mixed with stone in the floor of SPC (Stone Plastic Component) floor with natural pattern similar to the real thing, such as wood grain, marble pattern, carpet pattern or No pattern but cheap price, good quality, friendly to people and animals. Quick and easy installation Lighter weight is more popular and widely used today. With advanced manufacturing technology Suitable for indoor areas, houses (bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, kitchens), condos, dormitories, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, shops / restaurants, industrial factories, corridors, offices, various offices. Areas with a lot of usage Or space with less usage can be used.

Vinyl Tiles - Click Lock installation

Rubber tiles With us today, get a promotion, the price of the installation included !!

โปรโมชั่น4มม ตัวใหม่.jpg

Advantages - Durability, service life of about 10 years or more, no problems with swollen floors and termites. A variety of colors and designs Unique modernization Easy to clean Reduce the occurrence of dust, waterproof, termite proof, reduce slippery, convenient installation, can repair damaged tiles by yourself.

Attention - Before installing, the floor must be leveled evenly. If installed on uneven floors, the tile will have waves.

* Installation area less than 50 m2 There is an additional cost. ** The above price does not include the flooring skirt, trim, the removal cost and VAT 7%

B.P. Floor sells Vinyl Tiles - Click Lock (SPC). Ready to receive installation services throughout Bangkok and other provinces by a team of experienced technicians You can call to inquire more about the product. We are happy to give you advice and services.

Vinyl Tiles - Click Lock (SPC) 4 mm.

Vinyl Tiles - Click Lock (SPC) 4 mm / Size 1220 * 180 mm / Box 2.2 m2 / 499 baht - m2

Promotion includes installation just !! 499 THB - m2

WPC 7 มม ชั้น.JPG

5 outstanding features of the Vinyl Click Lock, Standard 4 mm :

  1. Materials are mixed with virgin grade vinyl. That help reduce floor problems even better than general SPC flooring.

  2. New click system That increases the tightness of the system, more clicks, up to 30%

  3. The surface is coated with a protective layer to prevent scratching. Use more variety.

  4. Better reduce shrinkage Click general vinyl flooring.

  5. Waterproof and no termite problems.

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